Frequently Asked Questions

Updated: 10/27/2016


1. How are the lakes picked?


Prior to the new season (typically August/September), a list of lakes will be presented to the members and the 5 lakes that receive the most number of votes will determine what lakes will be fished. There will be a list of at least 10 lakes presented for a vote.


2. Can I only fish 1 or 2 tournaments?


You can fish as many or as few tournaments as you wish. However, the entry fee is for the season for all tournaments and will not be pro-rated for fishing fewer tournaments.


3. When will the boat draws be announced?


The draw for each tournament will be completed and posted the Monday prior to the tournament.


4. Is the club insured? Do I really need to have my boat insured?


The club is insured and carries a $1,000,000 liability policy. This does not negate the need to have at least $100,000 in liability insurance on any boat used in MinnBass tournaments. The club liability is to protect the club and its officers in the event there is a claim. It does not cover your boat, either liability or collision.

5. Is live bait allowed?


No. The exception is you may use pork rind, such as Uncle Josh's.


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